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TpromoCom of Canton, Ohio, provides professional content for websites, blogs, brochures, newsletters, and other business needs. In the area of websites, we provide quality content that speaks to the purpose of each page of a newly created or updated webpage.

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The fact is, content is king and it always will be.
"There are a number of reasons for this. The first is content marketing of course, which is considered the 'new black' of marketing. It centers around the customers rather than itself. It attracts people rather than interrupts them, and it’s more about them than it is about you," says Steve Olenski, Former Contributor with

Allan Colombo--a journalist, technical writer, and copywriter--has more than 35 years of experience writing for magazines, equipment manufacturers, newspapers, and other concerns. His ability to articulate and communicate difficult technical issues is well known in the electronic security and life-safety marketplace.

During the design and implementation of a new website, for example, Colombo and his team of professionals will provide editing services, altering the provided text in order to attain the best affect and reader respect.

Alarm companies also take advantage of Colombo's 45 years of experience in the alarm industry--15 years as a technician, 17 years as a full-time trade journalist, and 15 years in sales and management in several security/fire companies while writing for trade magazines as a freelance author and equipment manufacturers as a copywriter.

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Here is a general list of the types of writing that TpromoCom can provide:
⦁ Website content
⦁ Newsletters
⦁ Brochures
⦁ Blogs
This is a partial list of companies that TpromoCom has provided content of various types for:
⦁ DMP (Digital Monitoring Products)
⦁ HAI (Home Automation Inc.)
⦁ Honeywell (Fire Division)
⦁ GE Security
⦁ Napco Security
⦁ McGraw Hill Education
⦁ Joseph Freeman
⦁ American Dynamics
This is a partial list of magazines that TpromoCom has written copy for:
⦁ Locksmith Ledger
⦁ Security Sales & Integration
⦁ Security Distributing & Marketing
⦁ Facility Executive
⦁ Security Dealer & Integrator
⦁ Alarm Installing Dealer (AID Magazine)
⦁ Electrical Contractor

To see samples of our content, click here.

To connect with Allan Colombo, call 330-956-9003, email, or TpromoCom's Contact Us Form (right sidebar).

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