The Value of Hashtags

I remember with clarity when I first saw hashtags (#) being used on Twitter. In those early days, I didn't know a # from an @. Now, of course, most of us know that the at sign (@) before the word/name indicates the username of a Twitter user whereas the hashtap, or pound sign (#) denotes an interest.

The value of hashtags is quite simple. Placing the hashtag before a word or fully concurrent phrase on Twitter, Facebook and others results in a link that leads to a special interest page where you will find other postings with the same tag. Not only will this result in additional readers, but these special interest pages allow other social media users who may not follow or connect with you to see how interesting a person you really are.

The ultimate value of this is that these users who have until now resided outside of your own network will now have an opportunity to make a valuable connection with you and your down-line. This is a valuable asset so be sure to make use of it at every turn. You also can make up your own special hashtags and register them with

There are some social media networks that simply do not create such a link. But there are those who continue to use hashtags on those networks, usually because they have a software program that allows them to cross post to multiple social channels simultaneously.

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Allan B. Colombo is a well known writer/journalist in news print, print magazines, and Web content. Over the last 35 years he has become known for his expertise in electronic and physical security. His 35 years of experience writing in national magazines, his ability to understand high-tech security technologies, the experience he's had designing websites from ground up, combined with his associates degree in electronic engineering, position him uniquely to consult, advise, and provide a wide array of services in the online, digital marketing arena.

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