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Thunder Promotions (TpromoCom) is a full-service digital marketing company. As such, we’re dedicated to providing the best for less where it comes to SMB’s (Small to Midsize Businesses) in the low-voltage trades. Among our many services are website and blog design--with or without eCommerce, social media outreach, mass emailing, graphic artistry, content, and public relations. The strength behind TpromoCom is in the team of professionals that comprise the company.

TpromoCom, as a business, began as Thompson Promotions in 1995 under the direction of Allan B. Colombo, a writer/journalist and an aspiring webmaster; and John Thompson, owner of Thompson Photography, located in Canton, Ohio.

“The business primarily served John’s photography's clients, such as dancers, musical groups, musicians, magicians, models, and more,” says Allan Colombo. “I had already begun working with HTML under another company name, when John approached me about doing a website for one of his customers. I suggested that we form a partnership and call it Thompson Promotions, or Tpromo for branding purposes.’

John Thompson
And so, the new company, Tpromo, specialized in creating websites for only Thompson Photography clients, along with the digital marketing services. After a number of years, in the year 2000 in fact, John Thompson decided to focus more on the photography, thus selling his portion of Tpromo to his partner, Colombo.

"John, unfortunately, passed on in 2014, and I miss my friend a lot," says Al Colombo.

For Years Colombo Lived a Dual Life

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As mentioned earlier, Allan Colombo, now the sole proprietor of TpromoCom, is a journalist/writer in the physical security market. Since approximately 1986, his byline has appeared several thousand times in more than 10 different national magazines, especially Security Distributing & Marketing (SDM) and Security Sales & Integration (SSI) whom, together, he worked on staff for approximately 15 years. Add another 17 years as a freelance writer in the same market and now you have a better idea as to the breadth and depth of content writing experience that the owner of TpromoCom has accumulated.

“I have always been a firm believer in ‘diversity of income,’ which simply means that I believe it’s important to maintain at least two different income streams,” says Colombo.

After Colombo resigned as Associate Editor with SDM, leaving their employ in 2001, he continued to write copy as a freelance writer, but now in the pages of SSI, assuming the title of Technology Editor. His full time job was that of a security manager with an alarm company called Interstate Fire & Security, based in Canton, Ohio. Eventually Colombo resigned from that position
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when he was asked by a large electrical contractor to start a low-voltage company which also specialized in fire and security alarms with central station monitoring. He worked for Abbott Electric as Operations Manager from 2002 through 2012 when he moved to Columbus, Ohio. It was in 2015 that he retired.

“Today, in 2018, I am officially retired. However, because I am not one to sit and do nothing for any length of time, I decided to continue my work with TpromoCom. That decision also included changing the brand name from Tpromo to TpromoCom,” says Colombo. “I also added social media to the list of offerings, and as such it has become a significant part of the business. I’ve also decided to promote web development and hosting services beyond our usual level. My business plan calls for even more emphasis on website design and hosting. I’ve also partnered with several professionals in the digital marketing arena to provide an even wider birth of services for our growing list of clients.”

To review our website, go to https://www.TpromoCom.com, eMail Copywriter@Tpromo.com, or call 614-585-2091.
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