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TpromoCom is a Website and Weblog development company. We provide custom and do-it-yourself websites with or without on-going support. Those looking for a quality but affordable Web solution, you've landed at the right spot!

Directed by Al Colombo, a professional, 35-year veteran of the written word, TpromoCom also offers social media and web content services. Colombo brings thousands of bylined articles and a boat load of experience to the table where it involves copywriting, blog articles, and website content.

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The Organization

TpromoCom is dedicated to providing the finest in online, digital products and services available. Our professionals will assist you in creating the best website, blog, on-Web content, and social media outreach for your company or organization. If you have a specific application, let TpromoCom assist you in providing the public exposure you require. Contact us at 614-585-2091 or use the content form on the left side of the page.

Historical Information on TpromoCom

The TpromoCom business began as Thompson Promotions, AKA: Tpromo, in 1995 under the direction of John Thompson, owner of Thompson Photography. The business primarily served Thompson Photography's clients, such as dancers, musical groups, musicians, magicians, models, and more.
The firm specialized in creating websites for Thompson Photography clients, along with the digital marketing services to go with it. After a number of years, in the year 2000, Thompson decided to focus on the photography side, selling his portion of the Tpromo business to his partner, Allan Colombo.
"John, unfortunately, passed on in 2014, and I miss my friend alot," says Allan Colombo.
Contact us at 614-585-2091 or use the content form on the left side of the page.

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